2011 – What we can expect from Nokia?!! and a look at the past 2010..

LoveMyNokia team wish you all a Very Happy New Year . Lets have a talk on Nokia about how it was and how it will be.

The Past : 2010

Another hard year for Nokia passes by. Starting with the new C Series Portfolio Nokia had some great mobiles for the mid range market and also the new revamped S^3 with new music player, much smoother UI made the year goes pretty smooth for Nokia. The 2010 for Nokia was more of a learning year than performance. Nokia was recovering from the failure of its much hyped N97  and followed by a huge shock of its leaked N8 and all of a sudden official announcement of N8 made the start pretty hard in ways of Nokia. But the launch and release waiting time created a lot of anticipitation for most Nokia Fans.

But the wait was really worth when the Nokia N8 is out. Its one hell of a camera masterpiece. Followed by N8 Nokia also had some good smartphones in its C series portfolio such as the the Gorgeous Nokia C7 , Nokia C3 and some low edition dual sim phones such as C1,C2.

What we are expecting in 2011:

  • Meego Smartphone and a Meego Tablet from Nokia
  • Big Update for S^3 Devices
  • Much smoother and completly NEW  UI in S^4
  • New gaming service we believe in N-Gage comeback what ya say ??
  • NFC its there but how to use ?
  • New Qt intergration in a indepth way
  • Nokia messaging improvements
  • A very short announce and release period. Better dont announce if you cant release in two months.
  • A unbelievable Nokia with dual core processor.
  • Better app and game support.

Lets analyze 2010 Whats Hot and Whats Not.

Whats Hot:

  • Smartphones we liked in 2010 : Nokia N8 , Nokia C7, Nokia C3, Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type & Nokia E5.
  • USBOTG, HDMI new features that surfaced the Nokia smartphones for first time.
  • New Boss Stephen Elop Oh yes! We believe he is the one who pushed C7 very soon instead of a long wait.
  • The All new CBD display
  • Touch and Type Phones
  • Ovi Maps went free
  • Meego Announcement!

Whats Not:

  • Much Hyped Symbian^3 brings no drastic change to the UI and the same browser from old Symbian hurts much. P.S.: The new update with new browser is still talking a hell of a time. Can we expect it atleast in 2011 ??
  • Nokia E7 What?? YES!! The announced device needs much time for baking. The release date pushed again we hope atleast in 2011 we can see it.
  • EDof Camera – Big FAIL atleast for macro shooters. And the bad part is new E7 coming with it D’oh.
  • Maemo dumped :( seriously Why Nokia ? Its one hell of a OS…. Perfect in every aspect. I hope i can see it again…

  • Nokia Marketing Fail – Just encountered how dumb is Nokia marketing team. See the above pic found anything interesting other than 12Mpx cam >>?? Where is the New USBOTG and HDMI Port ?????
  • Meego we have a big doubt is it really coming in 2011 from Nokia ? or need much time ?
  • Nokia naming conventions seriously i cant remember them whether it is or Xx -0x or Cx-o0 or 01 or o2 blah blah…

Thats it from my end. Do let us know whats your take on Nokia last year. We like to read you whats hot and whats not list. Go Comment :)

LoveMyNokia.com wishes you a great and productive new year. We really hope Nokia surprise us with some shocking cool products in teh 2011. :)