Nokia N950 PR1.2 Changelogs and Screenshots!


Nokia N950 PR1.2 is OUT! Nokia Developer Forum today announced the release of PR 1.2 version for the Nokia N950 Meego Developer Device. This is a new firmware with lot of bug fixes and new features such as dropbox integration, folder support etc.. This firmware is available for the N950 owners via OCF aka One Click Flashers […]

Snake returns to Lumia 800 in a way you would love to play!


  OH Yeah the above image is the Lumia 800. Thanks to Adam from Nokia Conversations blog he just posted that the Legendary snake game returns to Lumia 800 in the name of Snake ’97 . Your Lumia 800 will magically transforms into  Nokia 5110, with the keys positioned at the lower part of the screen. It […]

Lumia 900 Rumoured To Be Coming to the UK


  According to disparate sources, either the Nokia 900, Nokia 910 or both are coming to the UK in the second quarter of 2012. The two Windows Phones  are up-sized versions of the Lumia 800 that’s currently selling well in the UK. While they’ll lack the LTE support of the Lumia 900 as sold in […]

New software update for Lumia 800 Rolling Out Now!


Time for another update for the Lumia 800. As Nokia promised before the second update for the Lumia 800 started to roll out. As you all know Lumia 800 is the flagship windows phone from Nokia. This is the second firmware update for Lumia 800. In the first update, they fixed the battery issue And […]

[Video] Lumia 710 free Las Vegas Limo rides


Remember the Lumia Taxi in India ? As a part of Lumia 710 ad campaign in Las Vegas Nokia gave free rides to random people in a Limo to their destinations. But they should not reveal their destinations to the driver instead they need to use Nokia Drive and just need to tell the driver the […]

How Fast is your Phone ? Watch iPhone and Android phones get smoked by Windows Phone


Microsoft at their last CES hosted a special The $100 Challenge from Windows Phone .  The rules are simple.   Is your smartphone faster than a Windows Phone? Find Ben The PC Guy at the show and if you beat us, you get $100. If you lose, you can swap your slow phone for a Windows […]

Lumia 900 The Amazing Everyday Video


Lumia 900 is the third windows phone from Nokia which is designed specially for the US consumers. It was launched in CES 2012. Today Nokia published a new video called Introducing Nokia Lumia 900 – The Amazing Everyday . This is a cool promo showing off the different things Lumia 900 is capable of. Have a […]

[Video] Nokia at CES! Video Collection!


Nokia at CES 2012 made their re-entry into US market with Bigger and Better Nokia Lumia 900. Here is the video collection of the Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s keynote at Nokia press con and also at the AT&T Developer Summit.   Nokia CES press conference: Nokia Lumia 900     AT&T Developer Summit: Nokia CEO Stephen […]