A big time Date Sufferer The Golden Days with Nokia N97 White Princess

Are you a date sufferer?

This is the question asked by @WomWorldNokia to their fans…. I don’t know about others. But me, the answer is yes. The reason why am i a big date sufferer is here…

First Love is the Best Love

In my college days, i received a mail from @Lydia  @ WomWorldNokia is,

” Thanks for requesting a Nokia trial from us. You’ll be pleased to know you are just the type of person we are looking for. Which devices are you interested in at the moment? ”

After receiving this mail… I  felt so much happy like flying in the sky… After sending reply to her… I daily check my mail every half an hour whether any mail from her. I got the reply mail next day… Finally they send me agreement for Nokia N97 and BH 905. I just cant believe that it was true.. Then, i resend the agreement after filling all details. Within two days they send DHL tracking number… I track the status every one hour…. Finally after 5 days i got the Nokia N97 and BH 905. And it was the first touch screen mobile that i use.


I saw many time the word Unboxing while i am surfing. But i got, the real meaning of the word while i unboxed my first trial. But unfortunately i don’t have a camera to capture the video or pictures. I searched the camera from all of my friends and finally got it from one of my friend. Then took some snaps of Mobile and return it. OMG!!! i forgot to took snaps of BH905. I was so sad, at that time i got a ring from my friend… A bulb was glowing in my mind 😛 Then i uses N97 to took snaps. Wow!!! I cant believe myself… The photos were really superb. The first reason that i loved my Nokia N97 trial.

Hate Everything

Then days  passed away with N97. I never left N97 alone . I got addicted more towards it. I took it with me while sleeping, eating, traveling, studying, blah blah…. My mom scolds me every time, i’m using the device while eating who cares lol. I lost my sleep on that period. Took pictures, videos, Tweeting, surfing, gaming, etc…. this is what i always do with that device. And i forgot to study my subjects and failed in exams :( And also i forgot to eat, my mom called me at least 10+ times to eat after that i went to eat. The first person who was so happy while i got trial was my Mom… and the first person who was sad about my madness while using my trial is also my mom. Because of those matters i mentioned above.

Unforgettable Moments with N97

It was the end of my college days… me and my friends were planning to go many places in my city. And we got ready, but no camera :( and my N97 fulfill the needs of digicam. We took more 600 snaps with that mobile and all the pictures were awesome clarity. Still all our friends had those photos and remember the funny moments as golden moments. Listening songs and videos with the help of BH905, makes me mad about those devices. I felt like that i’m in theater. Once i listen songs with BH905, my mom called me lot of time and there was no answer from me. She came near me and beat me hard.  I got love on my trial more than my girl friend. And still loving my first trial. Hey one more thing that happened.

The Mail from @WomWorldNokia

Enjoying every  second with my trial more than two weeks. Finally a mail from WomWorldNokia hits my inbox. Yeah… in that mail… they notice “My trial period comes to an end“…. It sucks a big time on me. I felt so bad after i saw that mail. Before that i use Nokia 1100 and never used device like N97… I feel like crying and got upset. And no sleep on my eyes. I never feel like this when i failed in my exams too….

Tear Drops on My N97

Every one knows about the famous song of Taylor Swift.. “Tear Drops on My Guitar”… I feel this when dhl guy on my home to pickup the trail from me yeah… it was “Tear Drops on My N97″…. After give him the shipment, i back to Nokia 1100. More than one week i feel like use N97 , took the Nokia 1100 and try to take a picture… Its really a bad thing is it :(…….. I think why the mail came to my inbox and why i didn’t kickoff the dhl guy and kept it on….

This is my story @WomWorldNokia ….. Think it how bad it was….. :(

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