a-Jays Three In-Ear Headphones review

a-Jays Three In-Ear Headphones are for those who love throbbing bass notes and  crystal-clear treble . We got a chance to review a pair of A-Jays Three Headphones. Read along to see how it performs.

a-Jays Three Package :

The a-Jays Three comes in a very compact hard plastic package. The package consists of a-Jays Three Headphones and

  1. Different sizes of Ear buds
  2.  Stereo Splitter
  3. Flight adapter
  4. Travel Case

a-Jays Three Performance :

The headset build quality is top notch. The headset comes with flat cables, which makes them dont get messy in pockets or case. The earpieces are quite fat, but fits perfectly into the ear. The whole headset arrangement only weighs 14 grams, so the a-Jays Three are barely noticeable when worn.

There is a small vent at the back of the headset which marks the bass port . In our tests the headset performed really well. We liked the bass it offers its not too loud or too low. The treble is equally good as bass. Specifically in some songs you can hear the a-Jays magic.

If you are considering  a headset with superb bass and audio quality with a lesser price your answer is the a-Jays Three Headphones. We highly recommend a-Jays for the price they are offered for.

You can buy the a-Jays Three Headphones and other Phone Accessories from MobileFun.co.uk. 

Hope you liked the review. Please letus know your questions/comments in the comment box below :) .

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