How to use OLX to sell or to buy Nokia phones.


  There are numerous e-retailers site in India which allows buying or selling. And there is OLX. You will ask what’s the difference ? You must have seen OLX TV Ads showing how easy it is to buy and sell online using You can pretty much find most latest phones for sale in […]

The iPhone 5 vs the Nokia Lumia 920


  When purchasing a new mobile phone, it is a good idea to consider your options and make an informed choice. Currently, during the holiday season, shoppers must make a tough decision as to which phone they will choose; either the iPhone 5 or the Nokia Lumia 920. Each phone has its own merits which […]

Five apps that every Nokia user should own


Everyone has their own personal favourite app – the one that they just can’t live without. Whether it’s the Facebook app or the Flickr app there is at least one that every Nokia user needs to have around at all times. Apps have become as commonplace and necessary as phones themselves and in some cases […]

Nokia 808 PureView priced at £499.98 for UK


If you’re a fan of Nokia or mobile photography – or both! – then listen up. You can now pre-order the sim-free Nokia 808 PureView directly from The phone will ship by the end of June, but unfortunately it’ll be a bit pricier here in the UK than in America. The PureView will cost just under £500 […]

Nokia Accessories Worth Checking out!


Nokia is one of the most popular manufacturers of cell phones across the world.   Although the company saw a decline in sales of its Symbian operated devices, they are back on the up-climb thanks to a partnership with Microsoft.   The 2012 releases of great quality Windows Phones such as the Nokia Lumia 800, […]

The Many Marketing Benefits of 0800 Numbers


Ever wondered how you can increase your sales enquiries and advertising response rates? 0800 numbers could be the answer. If you are currently using a premium rate number for all enquiries you could be losing customers in their droves. Why? Well, nobody truly likes having to pay to deal with a business especially when long wait times are […]

Gaming on a Mobile Phone


There are so many options available nowadays for the gamer on the go. For the longest time, the only options were the Gameboy or the Game Gear. Both were battery intensive and offered limited graphical capability, but they were the giants of the gaming world at the time. Nowadays, things have changed slightly. Thanks to […]

The Real Nokia Starts to Shine Through!


This is a guest post from one of my US reader. For years, Nokia commanded the lion’s share of the world cellphone market, only to stumble as Apple and Google launched their twin smartphone efforts over the past couple of years.   Now, after revamping, Nokia is back in the United States with a Microsoft […]