Flexible Displays Coming Soon!


Nokia and Samsung have been engaging in a war of sorts over the latest in mobile technology: bendable displays. These cleverly designed mobiles are literally flexible, allowing the screen to be distorted at will. Both mobile giants have recently released information about their flexible displays, with Nokia showing their Nokia Kinetic Device at Nokia World […]

Nokia Chooses Dubstep Ringtone as Winner and makes it preloaded in future handsets!

nokia tune

Last month, Nokia launched their Nokia Tune competition, asking musical artists to contribute a remixed version of the world-famous Nokia ringtone. The competition is a part of a massive effort by Nokia to attract a younger market; we saw the first stage of this with their launch of Nokia branded Monster headphones. This time around, […]

No Nokia N9 in the U.S. or U.K. What Gives?


  After the N9 release Nokia is changing their smartphone game plan. This primarily involves a switch to a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system. The change is expected to be announced at Nokia’s end-of-quarter press conference set for late October. Those who want a piece of Nokia history ought to get themselves an N9 […]

N9 UK release expected later this year


  This is a Guest Post by Emma from UK. There has been a lot of speculation involving the Nokia N9 in recent weeks. Some have said it won’t be coming to the UK, some have said it most definitely will. Well, according to Expansys.com, the latter is most definitely the case, with the handset […]

Symbian Handsets and the Symbian Anna


When anything in the world of technology is updated, it creates excitement. The new update for the Symbian, known as Anna, is no exception. Made official by Nokia, it’s advantages include a QWERTY keyboard on the screen, in portrait format and a new browser and icons. Because this technology is new, many people will be […]

Nokia and the Apple iPad


This is a Guest post by Robin. Views expressed are his own. The world has been taken by storm, Apple has released another iPad and we are all lusting after the must-have device. The question that begs to be asked is, how have Apple managed to dominate this market almost from the beginning? Apple iPad […]

Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer


  This is a Guest Post by Jackson. It wasn’t many years ago that people primarily used land based communication as their primary source of getting in touch. In the span of a very short period of time, people have begun to unshackle themselves from landlines and have begun to switch to mobile devices as […]

Nokia Live View augmented reality browser


Nokia Live View is  “A new way to easily find information and services on the go”. Nokia LiveView is a fun and easy way to discover what is around you. It comes with a augmented reality browser which opens the camera and shows the points of interest nearby. Nokia LiveView also supports sharing the location/point […]