Nokia 5800 XpressNeutron V51.0.006 by Rohith

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*click for fullscreen image Hi this is my 11th cfw XpressNeutron My tenth cfw XpressLite and this XpressNeutron are almost similar… the main reason i made this version is for Nokia 5800’s new firmware update v51.0.006… Changelog: [Only new stuff changes are written below] Major change: 99.9% of mods of text files in 10202be9  are […]

Rohith’s XpressLite Release Candidate 2.0 Custom Firmware with cool SWF’s


Change Log Of XpressLite Release Candidate 2.0 All changes of my XpressLite R.C. 1.0 also included plus below changes : 1. Bt receiver 2. Siseditor 3. Quick redial 4. Touch restart app added 5. Default homescreen is iphone 6. Removed samsung hs bottom bar to have full screen flash swf homescreens !!!] 7. You dont […]

XpressLite First Custom Firmware For 5800 Featuring Nine Homescreens


Hi Friends Rohith here this is my 10th cfw i have released…. as the name shows, this is the lite version of my cfw… thats i have not put any useless applications,games or themes… what ever ever is required for a super fast cfw, that i have put… and please dont count the changelog or […]

Nokia 5800 XpressUniverse v 60.0.001 CFW by Rohith Very Stable and Bugs FREE!!


Hi this is my 9th cooked firmware. This version has English r1, french,dutch,Italian,Spanish. This version is very very stable fast and bug free,no ovi store bug , maps bug .. nothing… its quite fast too…. and i have put all possible mods to optimize it… Change Logs: Menu: 1) Modded Menu layout, wid auto arrangement […]

Custom Firmware for 5800 by Rohith with V50 Firmware and Awesome updates


Rohith aka AppleOrangeFruit have done a nice custom firmware for 5800 with awesome updates as usual. Give it a try. The fastest and nice firmware for 5800. CHANGES: 1. [NEW] Java Runtime  2.0 Integrated to firmware [1 touch install java games apps] 2. [NEW] Touch screen vibration modded to moderate level when 1 is selected […]

New Custom Firmware for 5800 By Rohith with Tons of Changelogs and lotta Added Applications


*click Thumbnail for fullimage. Hi, This is my 7th cfw or u can call it as “V 50.0.005 DM 4th Sense Edition.” You might wonder why i named it as 4th sense…..  It is bcoz after flashing with this cfw your phone will automatically do all of our work, which we do after flashing any […]