Black Neon Theme by @Mandeep_Themes

Black Neon Theme is a High Quality Premium Theme created by Mandeep for E-Series Phones.

Very High Quality SVG elements used in theme.Blue Neon effect on black background provides the amazing look & feel to your phone.Blue Neon effect is added in such a nice way to theme that you will love it.

This Theme comes with Blue Neon Popups, Preview popup, List Highlight, Grid Highlight, Progress Bar, Softkeys, Control Keys, etc in brief Every Small part of this theme is customized to give your phone A Professional Black Neon look & feel.

Also this theme customized all E-series additional Apps Like Calender, Contacts, Email, Home Screen etc and it give your phone a perfect visual change.

All Application icons & most of 3rd Party application icons are covered with Matching Licensed Green Icon pack by IND190.

Theme is fully compatible with E5, E71,E71x,E72,E63,E61i,E73 Mode,6760 Slide,6790 Slide,6790 etc.


Download Here

Black Neon is available at Ovi Store for just Rs. 25 [this is limited time price (50 % off) , so get it as soon you can]

You can also get 3 Exclusive Black Neon Wallpapers of 320×240 resolution matching with this theme created by Mandeep