Blaupunkt DJ112 Silver Edition headphones review



The Blaupunkt DJ112 are the retro looking headphones. Here is the review of the headphones about its looks, comfort and performance.




The Blaupunkt DJ112 Silver Edition headphones comes in a huge package.



The headphones specifications are detailed at the back side of the box.



The cord which comes with the headphones is 2.2m long. That’s it for the box contents. Lets see how it looks and performs.


Comfort and Looks : 



The Blaupunkt headphones are the cool looking headsets I have seen in recent times.



The silver grill pattern in the ear cups gives a retro look to the headsets.  Does the looks spoil comfort ? Not at all.



The headsets also provide great comfort thanks to the foam surrounding the inner ear cups. The foam also cancels outdoor noise to some extent.



The headband at the top is made of soft rubber with foam inside.


It provides a good grip and it is very soft.



Surprisingly this Blaupunkt DJ112 Silver Edition headphones comes with detachable cords. The cord is about 2.2 long and very thick ensuring greater life time. The both ends of the cord consists of gold plated 3.5mm jacks.



The 3.5 mm jack is angled at one end.



Sound output :



The Blaupunkt DJ112 Silver Edition headphones delivers good sound output too. I am fan of in-ear headphones so I was not sure whether these headphones would suit me well. But surprisingly it did. The sound was not too loud or too muffled.



I felt the bass was not too punchy enough for me. Other than that it was fine for daily music and gaming.


These headphones are compatible with PC, audio system and all smartphones which supports 3.5mm jack headsets.



Pros :

  • Good looking headsets.
  • Good build quality.
  • Long and Strong Cords.


Cons :

  • Long use of headphones makes your ears hot because of the tight outer foam.
  • Bass felt too soft for me.

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