BlueSpectrum Homescreen V2.0 with Notifications by Andre For Nokia 5800

andrecavallari have designed a superb homescreen for 5800 from scratch. This homescreen is lightweight and looks nice with draggable icons at the side. The clock in the homescreen can be adjusted too. The swf is transperant so that you can use any wallpaper for the swf. Just click reload button to refresh the wallpaper.

-> Updated [v1.0.1]:
– Fixed calendar bug

-> Updated [v1.0.2]:
– AM/PM support on the clock (tap the clock to change mode)
– Names on the sliders

-> Updated [v1.2]:
– No more volume bug when media player is open
– Phone info (like the André HS)
– More icons (see in iconset.jpg)
– Performance increased (about 2%)

-> Updated [v1.2.1]:
– Visual seems like sic-ever´s modding (Thanks for him)

-> Updated [v2.0]
– 24h clock only now (less code preference)
– Missed calls notification
– Unread message notification
– Charging status notification
– And the other stuffs that already have…

Words from andrecavallari regarding the Homescreen:

Hi!, this is my brand new Home Screen to use with Omnia HD from PNHT!!

* Credits to PNHT for making flash homescreen possible
* Credits to user system32white for name suggestion

Instructions to install it:
First of all you need to have hacked phone with OmniaHD HS installed (Samsung Widgets)
Extract all files to any folder you want them copy the gadget.swf and the BlueSpectrumHS folder to e: root of your phone, restart the phone or change the HS and them change back to Samsung Widgets…

In the BlueSpectrumHS folder there are 3 xml files and a wallpaper.jpg file, if you want the blue background on your device, since this HS is transparent and show your wallpaper on the background…

The config.xml is the configuration file of the HS
in the config.xml file when the node showclock is 1, the clock is showed, and 0 is to now show the big clock, the showbottombar when set to 1 the bottom bar will be showed and when is 0 the bottom bar is not showed (for who have the built in omnia HD bottom bar)

The language file is your language file for the HS, edit this before you put on your device, but edit only what is between the nodes, not the node… example:
<dialer>Dialer</dialer> in Brazilian Portuguese would be <dialer>Discador</dialer>

The shortcuts xml file is the shortcuts list on left and right side of the screen
To edit it you may pay attention for this settings down:
<showrcut position=”LEFT_OR_RIGHT” uid=”UID_OF_THE_APP” icon=”ICON”>NAME_OF_THE_APP</showrcut>
The position is left or right, what side of the screen it will be showed, i recommend maximum of 6 left and 6 right…
The uid is the UID of the app, you can get is using killme, jbaktaskman or opening the .sis file in Siscontents
The icon you must use the iconset.jpg wich is inside to know wich name to use there
And the name of the application is for organization pourpouse only, use any name you want, just to keep organized

** UPDATE **
I´ve inserted the link to the XmlLoader by Gonizah, this can edit the xml files for configuration, shortcuts and language file.
Thanks to Gonizah!!
Download at the bottom of this post.

***** IMPORTANT ****
Do not change the order in xml file!!
Just follow the instructions and everything will be alright…
The same button wich opens the dialer is the same that closes too, it´s better this way, you have instant access to other buttons directly…
Drag the icons to activate them (now 1/2 screen approximated)
To drag the clock hold it about 1s them drag it…
Hold the “C” button in the dialer to clear all…

The .zip file is attached down!!

>>Download V2.0 Here<<

>> Download Older Version Here <<


  • mariano09

    looks so cool

  • adizz

    great stuff there,but in shortcut.xml showrcut is written. Is that correct??
    I corrected that BTW

  • Cattr70

    Works with N97 as well. Thanks…

  • Siraj Soft

    really nice you mean swf or as homescreen ?

  • Devendra Jadhav

    How to install it on 5800xm? I don't find any sis file in the zip.

  • Neeraj Vohra

    @ to go for it ?? Are you planning to add this HS in another CFW ?

  • Meiermax

    Super, das ist es, was ich gesucht habe. Danke
    Fehlt nur noch eine Terminanzeige, und natürlich deutsche Sprache.

  • Krutoj-russak

    hey leute wie schaffe ich es die leiste oben darzustellen… habe das mit dem shortcuts alles hinbekommen, aber die leiste oben wo die battery und so angezeigt wird sieht man nicht. noch dazu wenn ich showbottombar auf 1 setzr dann taucht zwar die untere leiste auf, ist aber unterdem originalen …. also wie bekomme ich die originale untere leiste weg ?

  • Meiermax

    There will always shown the false month at the title bar

  • Siraj Soft

    Updated Check now :)

    • Mike

      Hi, Siraj Soft
      how do i put ur live live wallpaper like the blue spectrum wallpaper?
      reply me soon
      and in xpressneutron not much of free ram around 56mb on start up only

  • Pnyppon

    IS it possible to use with 5800 v51? i updated to v51, but i want this homescreen.. Can you guys help me?

  • Meiermax


    @Krutoj-russak: It works with the XPressLite RC 2.0 cfw.

    @siraj: the only wish if have is see my calender entrys on the homescreen

  • siawjf

    My phone is never hacked b4….can i use this HS??

  • Stacy

    Hey! Is it okay if I go a bit off topic? I am trying to read your page on my iPad but it doesn’t display properly, any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Stacy

  • Razor8208

    sorry for my english. there’s some bugs on the swf file. whenever i receive a msg or call or do anything, the HS sometimes crashes leaving the HS blank white or the swf image will just go offset the screen.
    the icons on the top row give false indications. the miss call icon keeps appearing but there are no miss calls. when multiple icons appear at the same time, some icons will disappear, for example, when i have my wifi and bluetooth turned on, it shows only the bluetooth icon. the v2.0 is very buggy compare to the v1.2.1
    is there a way to fix these problems? it’ll be a perfect HS without those bugs.

  • Razor8208

    There’s some bugs when i use this HS on my phone. The swf HS will go blank white or the icons on the swf will not function so suddenly when I receive a message or answering a call or do anything on my phone. Then i tried to re-download the file and copy to my memory card again, but I got the same problem too. It’ll just function properly awhile then *poof*, it goes wrong again. and the icons on the top bar of the HS is buggy too. It shows a miss call icon while there is no miss call at all. And some icons will not appear, for example, I turn on my bluetooth and wifi at the same time, the bar just displays only the bluetooth icon instead of both. Is there a way to fix this bug?

  • Saurabh

    Hi Siraj,
    There is bug called memoty full. plz resolve it in your nxt update

  • David

    When I have the homescreen activated and the bottombar deactivated, I can still press the screen in the bottom region to open my assigned shortcuts. How can I deactivate those shortcuts? I know it is possible, because I had “inactive” some other time.

  • Grafitykoncept

    how to make this default HS helpp …???

  • NiiSyth Thakkar

    I’m such a 1337 n00b that I upgraded the firmware of my 5233 but dunno how to change the homescreen…..

    I installed the AOv elite mod v28 and need help for the HS change….
    all I can change are from the given 9 HS……