Bounce Boing Multiplayer Battle Now Available in OVI Store

Rovio (the makers of Angry Birds) and the famous Bounce Boing title in Nokia Symbian^1 Touch Devices have showcased  BounceBoing Multiplayer Battle Game before.

Now they have released it officially in Nokia Ovi Store.

About the Game :

Bounce Boing Battle is a fast-paced duel game where your get to confront your friends on four different battle fields with two devices and one ball. Each of the four levels in the game include unique features that make the it a colourful and exciting experience. Players bounce a ball back and forth between two devices by drawing collision lines into the game area, scoring points by delivering the ball into their opponent’s goal.

“Bounce Boing Battle is a completely new ‘Bounce’ experience. You can connect with different Nokia devices via Bluetooth and challenge your friends in a head-to-head battle,” says Raine Mäki, Producer at Rovio.“Touch screen controls make beating your friends intuitive and satisfying, and the team enjoyed a battle or two with Bounce during the development of the game.”

The graphics in Bounce Boing Battle is awesome, the sound effects are loud  and the movement of the game is quick. Since you play this game across two devices, you can choose either single screen or split up screen.

This exclusive game is available for free only from Store. Bounce Boing Battle is supported by Nokia smartphones based on Symbian^1 and Symbian^3, including the Nokia 5230, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia X6 and Nokia N8 (once available). Also, remember that the game will be showcased at Nokia World 2010 in London!


Via Ovi Daily App and Ovi Blog

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