Can the latest phone technology be used to increase productivity in your office?


Gone are the days of offices filled with rotary dial telephones, where switchboards used to occupy entire walls and calls were transferred by armies of staff manually plugging “jacks” into a vast array of ports. Instead, we now live in a world where phones run over computer networks, switchboards are now operated from a single PC… And those armies of staff transferring calls? Well they’re all but gone in the offices using auto-attendant phone operators.


Modernise your office telephone system to make the most of the latest features


It’s fairly obvious that modern technology can make life easier for us, as almost the entire population of the planet now use smartphones whilst laptops and tablet devices are also seemingly ubiquitous. But what about the phones in your office? The telephone systems can have a massive impact on improving the productivity of your office workforce. Let’s look at some of the features of IPT technology, the modern, network based Internet Protocol telephone systems of today’s office, and ascertain the expected benefits for your staff, and ultimately your work output.


Automated switchboards: as previously referenced, an auto-attendant is an IP based solution which can be set up to automatically answer and divert calls on a main office number. The combination of speech recognition technology and programmable options (press 2 for finance, etc.) can drastically reduce the overhead on your admin staff. IPT Phones: in offices where staff moves and layout changes are commonplace, an analogue system can see a large requirement on phone support staff to re-route phone lines to the phone sockets nearest the desired desk. IPT phones have the required extension inbuilt, meaning an IP phone can be relocated to any desk and the desired phone number is transported too, reducing the need for IT support on every move. Soft Phones and extension mobility: if you have staff which are frequently mobile and moving from multiple offices in your organisation, they can often be difficult to get in contact with via your switchboard. With IP soft phones, your staff can take their extension number with them on their laptop, being able to answer calls wherever they have an internet connection. Extension mobility enables your staff to log into any IP phone on your network, so no matter what room or office they are in, they can have their extension with them at all times to ensure they are contactable.