Chinese Nokia users rejoice “Nokia Diexie” brings you better Chinese character input

Today NokiaBetalabs released a new app called Nokia Diexie , a beta application for Chinese speakers around the world to write sentences in Chinese on their touchscreen phones naturally – without having to pause between characters.

This app lets you to write chinese letters without pausing between the characters. This app also supports copying the characters to sms, email and clipbaord. Please Note that this app is n beta stage.

About Nokia Diexie :

What makes Nokia Diexie unique is that it was designed specifically for smaller touchscreen phones where writing out a full sentence just won’t fit on the limited real estate.  Nokia Diexie allows users to simply write a full sentence one character over another in a stacking style.  As you begin writing the next character over the previous character, the previous character begins to fade away, creating an overlapped visual, allowing you to concentrate on finishing the next character.

Download HERE

  • Mashhood Ahmad

    Yeah that nice….it should be extended to all regional languages…