Universal Game Wheel from @Mobilefun for Nokia N8 Review


The good friends at MobileFun have sent us the  Universal  Game Wheel a very good Nokia N8 accessory to review.The product is so good for gaming. It have nothing to do with your game but makes the gaming more fun and more controllable.


Review of Clingo Wheel:


The GameWheel is made up of high quality plastic which provides good grip over the wheel. The game wheel replicates the car steering. The Game wheel features a special sticky substance made of Clingo technology which holds the device to the wheel.


This Clingo technology uses special technology which holds the mobile so firm to the game wheel using a special sticky substance. But the main use of this technology is it holds the device so strong but it dont leave any residue in mobile its so AWESOME. When we touch the sticky substance we can feel its so sticky but on the back side of the mobile there is absolutly nothing sticky or greasy.

About Clingo Substance:

Clingo have done extensive environmental testing, showing that the gel pad remains in perfect working order after over 3300 wash and wear tests, at temperatures between -24°C and 105°C, and after 9 days in a water tank. The material is certified lead-free, phthalates-free and non-toxic.


When you are in the mood of gaming just stick your Nokia N8 and gently press the N8 to the clingo so that the clingo holds the device firmly.


After the device is on position fireup any games like NFS Shift or Asphalt or GTR Racing.


The accelerometer and driving camera as steering view in the game brings more fun and makes the game so realistic. We feel the game wheel works so good with any accelerometer games.  The game wheel becomes more usable when we connect the N8 to TV-OUT / HDMI and play as you hold the steering wheel as a controller brings console quality gaming. Dont worry about the sticky substance if it looses sticky property just use hot water and wipe the water it will get its stickyness back.


The gamewheel is available for purchase in Mobile Fun for 14.95 Euros. Its worth the penny spent. The game wheel is highly recommended for users who like to enjoy gaming in a more fun and professional way.

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