Custom Firmware For 5800 by Mr Pingu with C6 Homescreen and Some Good Addons

This is the one of the best Custom Firmware with C6 Homescreen and Some Good Goodies this firmware is done by Mr Pingu.

This is the Simple CFW without any apps preinstalled

You need the PNHT C6 files then overwrite with my file
English only, you can add your own langauges yourself with NFE v0.2 STD
Get NFE v0.2 STD here
Tutorial importing your own languages here

Visual mods:
-4×5 Menu
-Theme effects infinity by dscobsct (Mikey Tommo)
-Enabled Rotation effect
-Swipe HS will hide everything even clock!
-Added Themes, WLAN Wizard, Connection Manager, Bluetooth and Profiles to the Menu

Performance mods:
-DM’s cameramod for better picture quality
-HQ recorder mod by PedroCST
-NoFOTA Cache (will free up 5MB on C drive)
-Increased Memory Heap Size
-Decreased Application Close Delay Time
-CPU Speed increased

Practical mods:
-Integrated RP+
-Music player only search in E:\Music\
-Support for sending .sis/.jar and other restricted files
-Everything can be installed!
-Conversations added in messaging and in Menu
-Send messages default on 999
-Add Space when using to right cursor
-Downloads will continu after shutdown(see screenshot, this will pop up when you boot the phone again)
-Widget no prompt mod by Szakalit

Startup Animation:

Now with RP+

  • German E. Casaretto

    Does it work with RM-428?

  • Kanwalpreet

    hey…i used ur firmware n m struck both the keys that is call(green) and end(red) key is nt working…:(

  • Deepak Verma

    i have installed the c6 firmware by PNHT….CAN I INSTALL THIS CUSTOM FIRMWARE???
    do i have to downgrade??? plz post d procedure…

  • Ronxtm21

    Thanks man ur d !st to the the best, keep it up to N8 Pnht

  • Pushpan

    ITS BUGGY… 4×5 grid menu sometime doesnt show properly… i dont like it at all.. dont try.. wait for another cfw..

  • Deepak Verma

    please reply

  • Kawnal

    hey its buggy u an add favourites in cantacts but cannot remove them…:(
    also the download content on homescreen is not working..:(

  • Ricardo

    amigo yo también tienen la RM-428 se ve, si usted está en su v50 oh, sí se llega a la reemplace por la RM-356 V51 nokia CFW C6. Versiones para la consiguió su ser inferior a V50

  • rohith

    hi.. u dont need to downgrade… just download his cfw, u will get rofs2 file.. then download the original pnht’s c6 firmware for nokia 5800, u will have core+uda+rofs2… so skip the pnht’s rofs2 and instead use pingus rofs2 and flash !!! :)
    let me know if u have any probs… :)

  • rohith

    bro u need to have c2z patch enabled and set it to auto if u want it always :)

  • Duff166

    Its amazing but there is one thing that sucks… The mobile doesnt switch the keyboard from numbers to qwertz when i switch the mobile.. but the other things are great!!!

  • Pushpan

    Fuc**ng bad firmware.. Extremely laggy.. Dont recommend at all. Used for almost 3 days, n i m gonna replace it today with FeelIT^1 cfw of C6 on 5800..

  • Guffoe

    work with 5800 v52?

    • Siraj Soft


  • Guffoe

    work with 5800 v52?