Cyan TPU case for Lumia 800 Review


TPU aka Thermoplastic polyurethanes cases comes in different color, they also looks slim and gives strong protection. I got a Black Lumia 800 and I got bored of the color. Today I got a new official cyan colored  TPU case for Lumia 800. Here is my little review about the case.


Considering this is the official Nokia TPU case for Lumia 800 it fits perfectly. The case is completely different from the official case which comes free with Lumia 800. The top of the case is completely left open for easy access of 3.5mm jack, USB port and Micro SIM tray. In the official case when you need to swap the SIM you need to completely remove the case. But in this case you can swap SIM without removing the case.


Another major difference from the official case is the Chrome buttons such as Volume + , Volume -, Lock key and Camera key are completely covered in this TPU case. This ensures the paint peel off of the chrome buttons in-case if you drop the device.


The back side of the case comes with perfect cutouts for Camera and LED flash.

Overall this case nice and fine as Original case with some added advantages. You can buy Cyan TPU case and other Nokia accessories at  They now ships to India too.