DarkCity by IND190 for Symbian S60V3 and S60V5 devices


Dark City is a nice dark looking for Symbian Devices. It is designed by IND190. It comes with many cool wallpapers too.

Themes for All Screen

DarkCity_PreFP1_IND190 (Bar Version for PreFP1, support also for other FP1 & FP2)
DarkCity_FP125_IND190 (for FP1, FP2, 5th including Omnia HD)
DarkCity_ES_IND190 (for ES Specially for E71/E66)

Bonus Themes

DarkCity 2.0_FP125_IND190 (With Omnia Silver Icons only for FP1,FP2 & 5th)

Wallpaper by Rozzerx

5th Edition Wallpapers
3rd Edition Wallpapers

Bonus Wallpaper by IND190

5th Edition Wallpapers

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