Design By Community-Design your Nokia Smartphone Conecpt

Today Nokia started a new project called Design by Community in their blog. This project is so exciting which makes us to create feature phones of Nokia. Select the hardware specs, camera megapixels, Operating system and much more. Let the Nokia know how the smartphone you need must be Start Designing

Start the smartphone concept design process!
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In the first week there will be community voting for

Week 1 – Display and user interface
Week 2 – Size and shape
Week 3 – Materials
Week 4 – Symbian or MeeGo?
Week 5 – Connectivity
Week 6 – Camera
Week 7 – Enhancements
Week 8 – What shall we call it?

Quote from Nokia Blog:

The final smartphone concept creation will be brought to life by the Nokia Design team, who will assist us by building a full 3D computer render of the smartphone, based on your collective design choices.

Step 1 – How to get involved

Over the course of the next few months you will be encouraged to collaborate and help us shape a smartphone concept that edges outside the boundaries of today’s technology – a fantasy product that should prove a lot of fun, but one that acknowledges the inspiring design challenges that face Nokia’s designers every day. Throughout the entire process we will be granting you inside access to the people at Nokia who are on the frontline of exploring these sorts of design dilemmas, and explaining what can be done today and how, what can’t be done and why, as well as what could be done in the future and musing on the steps that need to be taken to get there. It’s going to be quite an adventure. Are you up for it?

So how do we get from blank piece of paper to fully fledged smartphone concept device? Here’s how…

Step 2 – How to use our design widget

Each week, here on Conversations, we’ll launch a new widget (as pictured below) focussed on a core aspect of a smartphone, such as its camera or materials. You’ll be able to tweak settings until you find the ‘Perfect Mix’ (with the needle hovering in the green zone) – once you’re happy, hit the ‘Submit’ button and your choices will be combined with those of your fellow readers to generate an ideal feature list. Every Monday a new widget will go live on the Design by Community homepage, so throughout any time during that week you’ll be able to submit your choices. Should you want to change them, you can come back after 24 hours (so long as it’s within that week) and re-sumbit your choices. Submissions close when a new widget is launched on Mondays, so make sure you get in quick and leave your suggestions.


Step 3 – How to keep up to date with the latest developments

We’ll post the results on our Design by Community homepage, fleshing out a product data sheet as we go. It’s here that you’ll be able to keep in the loop with everything related to Design by Community.

During the process you’ll also get to vote on which operating system it should use as well as collaborate to come up with a name for this innovative concept device. Let’s see if we can beat Morph in the cool name stakes!

We’re following a pretty strict timetable, like true designers, so here’s how it’ll play out over the next few months…

Step 4 – Follow the Design by Community timetable

Check back every week to watch the device take shape, with the latest specs added as you vote for them.

Display and user interface – voting opens March 15

How much does size actually matter? If you want a big screen, do you also want a QWERTY keyboard? Compromises need to be made here, so choose wisely. At every point of the design process, all sorts of considerations need to be made. If you add a sliding form factor (to fit that QWERTY keyboard and a big screen) then you’re going to have a big impact on the depth of the device.

Size and shape – voting opens March 22

This will be heavily influenced by the decisions you made with the display and user interface, particularly the depth of the device. Added to that you have the choice of clamshell, tilt ‘n’ slide or monoblock, each of which will have a huge influence on depth.

Materials – voting opens March 29

What about a device toting Kevlar? We’re not there yet, but who knows what will kind of materials our devices will use in the future. As manufacturing techniques improve, so do the opportunities to create seamless designs. Nokia designers work as hard at understanding manufacturing as they do creating new devices. Keep this in mind when making your decisions.

Operating system – voting opens April 5

This is a straight run thing – should this device of the future have Symbian or MeeGo? The choice is yours.

Connectivity – voting opens April 12

We don’t like wires, do you? Of course wireless electricity hasn’t hit us yet, and wireless HD video transfer is still a way off for mobile devices. What do you see as being most important when it comes to connectivity?

Camera – voting opens April 19

The camera has become a staple part of Nokia mobile devices as the phone itself. But where next? More megapixels? Faster speed? Better zoom? Hi-def video recording? You decide.

Enhancements – voting opens April 26

It’s bolt-on time. Adding curious features and functions to the device to make it more interesting, useful and in some cases, more entertaining. We’ve got a couple of gems lined up for you here. What would you have?

Then throughout May 2010 you’ll get to vote for your favourite design sketches of the smartphone concept, as created by the Nokia Design team. The most popular sketch will then be taken away and computer rendered in full 3D to bring your collaborative vision of the future to life.


Again, let us re-emphasize, we’re not making a real phone – this design collaboration is going to be a lot of fun, and should ignite some fantastic ideas, brilliant debate and fascinating topics for exploration. We hope you’ll get stuck in, and enjoy the process