Digital Abstract Series Themes (DAS) from @IND190 (UPDATED)

Here is another awesome symbian series from IND190 – Digital Abstract Series (DAS). This series available in three version – Sphere, Curved & Froto. Also a Bonus theme present there.  This is fully compatible with all Symbian^3, Symbian^1 & S60 3rd edition’s (fp1 & fp2) Mobiles.

Download Here

DAS Sphere

DAS Sphere for Symbian^1 (5th, fp1, fp2)

DAS Sphere for Symbian^3

From symbianthemes

DAS Curved
DAS Curved for Symbian^1 (5th, fp1, fp2)

DAS Curved for Symbian^3

From Symbianthemes

DAS Froto

From Symbianthemes

Bonus Theme
(Using Carbide.ui 4.0 for beta testing. Theme produce also for testing (S^3) with fullscreen background)
DAS Sphere for Symbian^1 (5th, fp1, fp2)


Now IND190 updates his Digital Abstract Series for Symbian 5th edition.
This update includes :
  • Homescreen Button Icons
  • Quick Launch Media Icons
Download Here