Fast Panel app brings you Android like Pull down status bar with common settings panel

Fast Panel is a lightweight app which helps you to toggle your common settings via android like notification bar from your homescreen. This app consists of  controls like

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Profile switch to toggle between General and Silent
  • Screenlight
  • Battery percentage
  • Brightness

It also comes with special goodies like unlock by Cam key, Lock by tapping left top corner etc…

This app is available free of cost in OVI Store and compatible with S^3 devices. P.S. This app should only be installed in Phone Memory.

Download installer file below :

Fast Panel

  • Tushar


    • Siraj Soft

      Why ?

  • Bimal Modi

    BADA inspired..

    • Siraj Soft


  • Guset

    Please, what’s that theme in the screenshot ?
    Thank you…

  • Poker Online

    Nice.. this is really usefull

  • Niraj

    doesnt work on my n97 miini…

    • Siraj Soft

      Sorry it wont work bro :( only S^3 support this app