Five apps that every Nokia user should own

Everyone has their own personal favourite app – the one that they just can’t live without. Whether it’s the Facebook app or the Flickr app there is at least one that every Nokia user needs to have around at all times. Apps have become as commonplace and necessary as phones themselves and in some cases even more so…

So which are the most popular types of apps among Nokia users? More often than not they tend to come in two categories. There are those apps that inform and those that are purely entertaining. It really depends upon what sort of thing you enjoy. Here is a short rundown of the top five favourite apps that everyone should have on their Nokia phones.

  •  At least one game – Angry Birds was the big name last year and it’s still going strong, but there are even more games out there that are just as exciting, just as entertaining and some are even cheaper.
  •  A news app – Examples like The Guardian app and the BBC News app are just the tip of the iceberg in this category. They offer video clips, up to date coverage of important stories and – in the case of the BBC app – live streaming of the BBC News channel.
  •  A radio app – Something like Tunein radio is perfect if you’re looking to pick up a station from anywhere in the world. There are hundreds to choose from and there’s definitely going to be something to suit your taste.
  • A reading app – E-Reader devices are all the rage these days but there’s no need to shell out a lot of money for a dedicated app. You can download all the e-books you need on your phone.
  • Weather Forecast App – Because you just never know what might happen.