Five Easy Ways to Extend Your Smart Phone’s Battery Life

Today, it seems as though everyone is carrying around a smart phone. With email, GPS, and social networking just a few quick touches away, the smart phone leaves many users wondering how they ever got around without it. However, one of the drawbacks to many smart phones is the lacking battery life.

Smart phone batteries can adequately get you through a hard day’s work, but they can’t always last much longer than that, and the reason for this is the over abundance of network bog downs and numerous applications they tend to come with. If you wish to extend the life of your smart phone battery, consider the following tips:

Purchase a Battery Extender

If you travel frequently and heavily rely on your smart phone for day to day operations, consider purchasing a battery extender. A battery extender can extend the life of your smart phone by 30 percent, and will generally give you an extra day before needing to charge it. Many of these battery extenders can also be purchased online for a relatively inexpensive price.

Reduce Your Downloads

Downloading every picture or file your friends or co-workers through email or text will only drain your battery life. Do your phone a favor and skip downloading the silly pictures you know Tommy from two cubicles down will send you every Wednesday afternoon. Doing so will save you precious memory and therefore, battery life.

Limit Your Apps

Don’t download numerous applications to your smart phone simply because of their novelty. Only download applications that you will use on a regular basis to avoid draining your smart phone’s battery life.

Keep Your Phone Cool

Leaving your smart phone in direct sunlight or in your pocket can greatly reduce your battery life. When driving, avoid setting your smart phone on the dash, and when out and about, avoid putting your phone in your pocket. If you are comfortable doing so, try getting a belt clip so that your phone doesn’t get overheated.

Turn Off the 3G

If you are in an area with great coverage, consider switching your 3 or 4G to a lower wireless setting. If you are only planning on only talking or need the occasional email update, there is no reason to keep your phone bogged down with a 3 or 4G network. These higher speed networks can drain your battery life so if you have the option, always choose to flip it off.

This is a guest post by Taylor Durango.