Five Things the Nokia N8 Can Do That Might Surprise You

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After nine months of being on the market you probably don’t think there’s much else that can be said about the Nokia N8 unless we wanted to discuss the particulars of the cell phone packaging. But 3/4ths into the inaugural year for the N8 there are five cool things the phone can do you might not be privy to. Some of them might seem a little archaic until you realize the implications. Others still developing will simply blow you away.

Radio Part 1

The Nokia N8 includes a five-band WCDMA radio, which means it not only supports quadband GSM/EDGE but also 3G networks on the 850/900/1700/1900/2100 bands. What this sort of chipset means in practice is that you can travel between Europe and North America without ever having to worry about networks which means more time seeing the sights.

Radio Part 2

The radio feature gets better. If your MP3 player is dead or you left your CDs back home never fear because the Nokia N8 comes with an FM transmitter in addition to the aforementioned radio-induced network access. We’re not talking about cheap fuzzy iPod FM transmitter sound either this stuff comes through the speakers crystal clear (so long as your car stereo and speakers work).

Television Schedules

You probably already know that you can connect a HDMI cable to a Nokia N8 to watch movies and TV programming on HDTV. But did you know that you can also use the traditional 3.5mm headset jack and an AV cable? Even if you don’t have a HDMI port on your TV, you’re still able to make the most of the compact cinematic entertainment.

Record Phone Calls

Those with poor memories or sneaky espionage up their sleeve will be pleased to hear that the N8 has a built in voice recorder, which means you can easily record a phone call. Simply start the recorder once you’re in a call and you get a high quality recording of both sides of the conversation.

Plug and Touch

This is admittedly still in the developmental stage but is too awesome to not mention. Nokia Plug and Touch is a gesture-based technology, which can transform any screen into a giant touch screen. Just connect your N8 to a HDTV via the HDMI output and your gestures are recognized by the Nokia N8′s camera. Although this is currently a prototype, it’s great to see how the Nokia N8 is in touch with the future.

And to think, you were starting to get bored of your Nokia N8! Hopefully this list of cool features has you already scrolling through your N8 figuring out how to get this stuff to work. Who knows, you might find another awesome hidden feature that can be added to the list.