fMobi got a major update brings Facebook Checkins,Events RSVP,Bigger Fonts and much more..

fMobi the best Facebook client for Nokia S^3 devices just got a major update. This update brings the most wanted features and bugfixes like  Facebook Checkins, RSVP to events and Bigger Fonts. This new beta also comes with notification badges where it shows the number of notifications you received in numeric value. This badges is also introduced in Friends menu to show new friend request.

Version 1.1.0b Complete changelog:

  • Friends filtering
  • Toolbar is flickable when it goes over the edges
  • Update setting checks for new notifications/messages/friend requests/event invitations
  • RSVP to events
  • Birthdays to events
  • Checkin / Places
  • Number flag in main menu of new things (messages, events, notifications, friend requests)
  • Bigger font
  • UI fixes

 Download Symbian^3 limited time 1.1.0 beta version from HERE