Force Control Widget – A widget to rule all your common settings is now Free in OVI Store for Limited Time!!!

Force Control makes your phone much easier to use – the most common settings are just one click away! Force Control widget gives a quick access to the device’s key features directly from the home screen.  With Force Control widget you can control setting such as

  • Light control (25%, 50% and 100%)
  • Acceleration sensor ON/OFF
  • Bluetooth ON/OFF’
  • WLAN scanning ON/OFF
  • Profile switch (Silent, Pager and General)

BH Productions, the creators of ForceControl Widget is runningaa campaign to give Force Control for FREE for one week time! Enjoy!. Grab your free copy before the offer expire..

Download HERE

Force Control Widget

  • Bálint Molnár

    Woow, beautiful theme and font :)

    • Siraj Soft

      I am using Pure Font and Pizeros Halo Theme :)