Frends The Light Wire headphones review


I am using the Frends Lightwire headsetsfor quite some time. Here is my review about those headsets. The first impressions about the Frends headphones are they feel very light weight.


The Frends headphones comes with a 90 degree plug which I like very much.


The headphone ear cups are surrounded by soft sponge . Unfortunately they are not very much closed to the ear. There is some noise leakage but at >50% volume it’s hard to notice. Theses headphones comes with custom tuned 40mm driver for better performance.


Did I tell you that this headphones also comes with mic and multifunction mic button. When you press once you can attend / disconnect a call, play or pause music. Double tapping the key skip to new song and triple tapping takes you to the old song. These headphones also comes with adjustable ear cups as all headphones.


I used the headphones with Lumia 800 and iPhone 4 . These headphones unfortunately doesn’t work with 808 because of Nokia’s new headphone system in 808 which accepts generic 3.5mm headsets only. Audio playback was ok with good bass.
Pros :

  • Light weight
  • Good build quality
  • Multifunction Mic
  • 90 degree 3.5mm Jack
  • Tanglefree wires


Price is quite high comparing to the competitors


You can buy these  headphones from for£39.95.