Gaming on a Mobile Phone

There are so many options available nowadays for the gamer on the go. For the longest time, the only options were the Gameboy or the Game Gear. Both were battery intensive and offered limited graphical capability, but they were the giants of the gaming world at the time. Nowadays, things have changed slightly. Thanks to the increase in battery life, the upgrades in graphical fidelity and the miniaturisation of essential parts, the games of those days are making a big comeback.


Two of the big three console manufacturers are already in on the hand held market, and producing new gimmicks to satisfy the gaming market. But the most popular portable gaming device these days is not even a games console. It is the smartphone. Within months of the iPhone, Android and windows phones being released, the App stores were awash with free or inexpensive games that took no time to download and provided literally days of entertainment, all for a fraction of the price of a big budget AAA title. And online casino games were no exception to this. There are hundreds of different options depending on your need. Real money stakes against real players, or play money versus computer AI; all tastes and needs are accounted for.


It is all down to the fast pace of the world today that mobile gaming has made such a huge comeback. The man or woman on the go wants something to kill the few minutes they have in the taxi or waiting for an appointment, and the Smartphone has proved to be exactly what the doctor ordered. And with the amount of games available, it’s an obvious choice for those who enjoy lots of different kinds of games. Whether you want old school platform remakes, or roulette and slot machines, there is a huge selection available to satisfy even the biggest gaming hunger.


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