Have a Great Idea/Concept ? Deliver it to Nokia to make it Real and get Paid for it

Invent With Nokia is a new initiative that encourages people with great ideas for future products and services to come forward and Pitch their ideas to Nokia. If your idea is turned into a patent, then Nokia will pay you for it!

This is how Invent With Nokia works

  • You register to Invent With Nokia
  • You submit your invention to Nokia and agree not to disclose it to anyone else for four months
  • If we don’t want to pursue your invention we’ll tell you. You will then continue to have the same rights to your invention you did before you submitted it to Invent With Nokia.
  • If Nokia notifies you within four months that it is interested in your invention, Nokia will have the right to apply for a patent based on your invention. In return, you will be eligible for a financial reward. Nokia’s business is very diverse, and the inventions we review are similarly broad. Whilst we take a common approach to valuing and rewarding our partners, there will be some variability. In principle you will be eligible for an award if we apply for a patent based on your invention. You may be eligible for a further award depending on the success of the product and the level of award you choose at the patent application stage.