Hegazy Ultimate Final CFW for N97 v22.0.110 RM-505 Now available for Download

Thanks to Mohd.Hegazy .  The fastest firmware for the N97 is now available for Download. Its called the Heagazy Ultimate it is a custom built firmware . It is built very carefully to give the N97 amazing speed than before. This firmware comes with tons of Changelogs.

Hegazy Ultimate Final CFW

Download Here:-


Change Log For v6.0 :

1- Moved Browser Cache To E: Again For More Smoother And Performance.
2- Fixed Driver Cache Mod
3- Removed All Built In App .
4- Used The Original Themes And Used Simple And Unique Style..
5-Add N8 Icons And Re Order Menu
6- More C Space 65MB
7- Now Our CFW The First That Can Complete Support Installing Qt Applications And Run It Successfully As You r Using Original FW.
8- Camera Mod Now Pics Size More Than 1 MB
9- Add My Key Lock And Swipe To Unlock (Both Landscape and potrait working)
10- Enhanced UI Mod Working So Fast
11- Integrated PIPS 1.7
12- Integrated 7Zip To Extract .7Z Files and also .rar plugin is installed by default
13- Add ApiBridge 1.1
14- N8 Dialer Added (Works in Potrait for now)
15- Disabled StartUp Light For More Bettary Life Saver
16- Auto Lock Touch Screen Set to 30 Sec By Defult
17- Brightness Is Set to The Lower Lever For More Bettary Life
18- Increasing Auto Rotate Sensor Rsponse
19- Prevent UnNessesry App From Start Uo To Get More Ram Space
20- Voice Command Is Completley Disabled But You Can Start It Manually To Gain More Ram.
21- Audio Plugins Is Set With High Codecs.

Rompatcher+ v2.3 :-
Remove Recorder Tone Auto On
Open4all+ Auto On Must Be Disabled Before Using RamBlow To Prevent Phone From Restarting
Read CRoot Disabled
C2Z Disabled
C2zBin Disabled
Disable Red Light For Videos And Images Disabled
Active Bass Effects Disabled
BlueTooth Locker Disabled

– All Patches Tested And Working Prefectly

Application You Get With Hegazy Ultimate N97 v6.0:-

1- WinRar Plugin v1.0 ( Built In SoftWare Can’t Be Deleted )
2- RamBlow V1.0 Fully Working Cracked Without Any Bugz And Can Be Updated And Removing If You Wish ( Not Built In SoftWare Can Be Deleted )
3- Kill Me To Show Open Process And App And Terminating What You Want Can Be Updated And Deleted If You Want .
4- NsysInfo Gets Every Possible Information About Your Great N97 Device. ( Built In SoftWare Can’t Be Deleted )
5- Adope PDF Is Cracked For Ever (Unlimited Trial Period)
6- Nokia Notification Widget For Home Screen Show Your Message And Missed Calls
7- Conversation App Make Your Messages Like Iphone.

– Remote Lock still enabled
– Voice Command still Disabled
– Nokia OVI Welcome (My Nokia) Disabled


– Fonts Version Updated (Replaced by C6 fonts).
– Running application will cache in All Drivers For Better Berformance
– RAM totally Optimise at startup
– Some Apps totally disabled on startup
– Improved Increases system memory heap size
– Decreases application delay and close time taken by apps
– Improved UI Acceleration .
– Improved Rotation Speed.
– Improved Scrolling Speed With Fixed Menu Lag
– Disabled Speed Scrolling In Short Lists
– Improved Camera Photos (Disabled Compresstion Of Photoa You Got About 2M For Photo But It’s Worth)
– Improved Video Capture .
– Improved Video Call Quality.
– Browser cache moved to E:\
– Max fps increased from 22 to 28.
– Prevented apps to run in background (messaging,log,contacts,…).
– Improved WiFi sensivity.
– Dictionary Arabic Language.

– Summry After Call Set On By Defult
– Show Call Duration Set On By Defult

– E:\thinkchange\c
– E:\thinkchange\e
– E:\Music
– E:\patches (auto copy patch)
– E:\Recevied
– E:\system\Cache

Remove Recorder Tone Auto On
Open4all+ Auto On Must Be Disabled Before Using RamBlow To Prevent Phone From Restarting
Read CRoot Disabled
C2Z Disabled
C2zBin Disabled
Disable Red Light For Videos And Images Disabled
Active Bass Effects Disabled
BlueTooth Locker Disabled

– Shutdownscreen : Hegazy Bios Ultimate ShutDown
– Splashscreen : Hegazy Bios Ultimate StartUp
– Bootscreen: Hegazy Boot Screen
– Shutdown image removed for faster shutdown
– Alarm Snooze interval is set to 7min by default
– Light Intensity set to 50% light by default
– Theme Effects: Swip And Rotate Full And Working Smoothly

– SwiPolicy changed which enable to install almost apps without installserver patch
– Remove annoying widget security during installation of sis, sisx
– Secure Widget Preinstall will not run on first startup.
– Java permission is Set To Always Allowed
– Install Server.exe Installing Any App Without Certification (No Error In Certification ) By Defult Even If All Patches Disabled

Press 0 To Switch On / Off Bluetooth ( Built In SoftWare Can’t Be Deleted ) Have Fun With That.

– Automatic lock phone in 30 seconds by default
– Auto Dim Screen Light After 15 seconds by default
– Maximum automatic lock phone can be set up to 10 minutes
– Flash Player Working Correctly

– Tapping Mode added: shake to get phone silent/snooze alarm .

– Nokia Default Internet Browser can go landscape with turning control OFF
– Auto Resume Download manager will be started on browser start-up to resume
– Nokia default file browser can send sisx, sis, jar and any protected items via bluetooth, mms and uploads
– Nokia default file browser will open private, sys, C: root folder
– FOTA reserved spaces in C: deleted: gain 5MB
– Bookmark Edited And Deleted

– Message to My Nokia will not send on startup
– Delivery reports set to on by default
– No. of message sent saved increase from 20 to 999 by default
– Ovi Contacts totally disabled

– Camera sound is disabled In Photos When Choosing Camera Sound No.1 ( Defult ) Even If Warning Sound Set To On
– Video Recording Tones Is Completely Disabled (Start/Pause/Stop)
– Camera will not leave in background after close it (SAVE RAM)

– All automatically set to the highest quality
– Now you can record up to 12 Hours
– Internal speaker automatically set to maximum when calling
– Loudspeaker automatically set to normal 10/10
– Bootscreen volume slowed: Normal volume
– Voice recording during call fixed

– Put all songs file in E:\Music and F:\Music
– Music player only read E:\Music and F:\Music location
– Faster to refresh
– Gallery Improved to find files

– Ringtones :-
N8 & C6 Defult Ring Tones And Also Add To Genral With Defult Message Tone For N8 Also By Defult
Change All Alarm Tones To Nuclear Alarm Tone By Defult
you can find them in profile settings

– RAM after reboot: 62 mb
– RAM after clean up: 61 mb
– C: drive space after reboot: 65 mb – RAM experinces may different due to language in rofs2

1) Hard reset needed to avoid conflict of homescreen and apps installed
2) Format MMC is recommended or just delete E:\private E:\sys E:\system E:\resource E:\patches and F:\private F:\sys F:\system F:\resource F:\patches
3) Delete Any _PAIbTN Folder For Images In E:\Images F:\Images
4) Please Leave Your Phone 7 Min After Flashing Or Hard Reset.


Download Here:-


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    • Teenet

      What about compatibility to RM507? Any chance to convert it?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LV4K4POUDZ625EFIULN2WHAVM4 Mirza Ibrahim Baig

      On the video link someone has posted that it does work with rm507, but i wouldn’t recommend =D

    • Gyandeepsrivastava

      hello everyone pls help me out

      i m using N97, how can i update this firmware to my N97 and i m home useer.

    • http://www.healthdurbar.com/

      thanks for sharing this useful information

    • http://pycomputing.blogspot.com PyComputing

      RM-507, please

      • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

        Wairt 😉

    • Akulli_nxehte

      Please can you tell us how is the procedure to update this firmware?

      Thanks in advance :)

      • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

        Flash it

    • bkbartje

      Can i just flash with jaf?
      Or do I need some other program, and which settings do I have to check?
      I not normally do this.

    • Superdulu

      hey everbody got a question, i successfully flashed my phone but it seems to have some problem. for example the camera is still starting when i slide the lense cover. and the n8 dialer is not installed. somebody got an idea? i donwnloaded the firmware from an other side where i had to choose between swipe to unlock and normal, is it maybe some older version from hegazy?

      greetz sven

    • Rohitrana33

      can it is possible to install it on n97 mini instead of n97

    • Azmansya80

      how to install this??????i now using n97 with hegazy – ultimate….only 2 files rofs3???rofs2 or rofs3?

    • Andrey280

      multiupload is down
      other mirror please ?

    • Mhex8

      Link please…Link is not working…Another link please.

    • Sahil Sridhar

      file not available under link