Hitting First Windows 7 Phone get Delayed

According to one analyst, the first phones based on Windows 7 Phone will  running very slow. Asus would have stopped the production of its model by major problems with both the software and the hardware.

According to Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar,  Microsoft currently has major problems with Asus to produce the first Windows 7 Series Phone to launch. Asus is expected as one of the first manufacturers to provide a smartphone on the new OS from Microsoft that was announced last week. Microsoft used the demo for an early sample of the Asus phone equipped with an early build of Windows 7 Phone. According to Kumar the first phone we need only to be expected next year and the target date of Christmas no longer met. Another interview with Microsoft CEO for Europe would actually prove that the OS perhaps even earlier on the market. The spokesman talks in his interview on October this year the OS on the market two months earlier than planned would bring.

Previously knew All About Phones based on various sources report that the OS has been around in September introduced by different manufacturers would do. Moreover, it is somewhat early to talk about production problems as the development of a telephone often takes around 8 months. It is far from certain that the production actually delayed as both producers and emphatically refer to silence the press conference.