HOT!! Awesome Psiloc Apps now free !! Go and Grab some great apps for free

Psiloc is a world leader in smartphone apps. They are providing some great apps for free today. The apps include symbian apps,windows mobile apps, uiq apps etc etc …….

1. Go to

2. Download and launch the application using your mobile phone.
3. Select “License” from the “Options” menu.
4. Select “Activate application.”
5. Select “Activate application” (using the license code).
Each application will have a different License Code.
6. Once the prompt appears, please carefully enter your LICENSE CODE, which you will find in your order confirmation and press OK/Accept.
7. A prompt will appear asking you to connect to our server either via the Internet or via SMS to complete the registration process. Please choose one of the two options to complete the process.
8. Application is licensed.

  • Ykbks

    Is this still available siraj bro?

  • Siraj Soft

    Yes but only for S60V2