[How to]Get Live Wallpapers and Gadgets in your Omnia Homescreen for Nokia 5800

Hope you are all freaked out with the Omnia Homescreen for the Nokia 5800. Another blast is for you. I found the way of getting live wallpapers and gadgets working. YAY!!!.

How to get live wallpapers + gadgets:

1.Download this freakin awesome application called AIO Flash Mixer.

2.Get your gadget.swf and the swf you need to combine .

3.Now open Flash Mixer.

4.Click—>New—> select size as 360*640.

5.Drag the gadget.swf to the left pane in the application.

6.Now drag the swf you need to the left pane too.

7.Drag the gadget.swf and align it to the area of the swf i.e360*640 align it

8.Then drag the swf you need to the place.

9.Click File—>Save as Swf and enjoy live wallpaper and app…….

P.S: All big swf may show error so use a light weight swf and enjoy.

Must Comment Here if it works i love your comments……

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  • LoveMy5800

    Hi Siraj, thanks a lot for this awesome idea…..I was googling through and found that a guy in hungary has shared your post in his forum! way to go buddy! :)

    I was trying to upload my own gadget.swf but I got a white screen on the home screen. Maybe because the file is too large?I actually converted a 360X640 gif file to swf and saved it with the same resolution…..is this good enough or do I still have to align the swf with the empty gadget.swf in AIO mixer? my swf was 1.98MB in size…any suggestions ???

  • ybow22

    Hello siraj

    I am looking for the nexus one wallpaper with transparent background in SWF format, (just the wallpaper and not the omnia gadget) that u just dragged into the AIO flash mixer in the above video……. could u please send it to me??

    Thanks very much, ybow22