How to:Send & Receive MMS in N900

Jay Montano from MyNokiaBlog have created a video on “How To Send and Recieve MMS using fMMS” in Nokia N900. Have a Look at it :-


Note: This application is still in the ‘extras-devel’ application catalog so as always be careful installing anything from this category.

I hope this has helped and I just wanted to add a couple of things:

  • Although I said it in the video that you can’t add another APN, well, I just found out you can, using fAPN from the extras-testing catalogue.
  • When you receive an MMS and fMMS is not open, you will need to just tap on the “new message” popup then load fMMS to open it.
  • You have to manually switch to GSM and make sure it is not on WiFi when you are trying to send/open a message otherwise it will simply never be able to send/receive and the application will eventually freeze.
  • Currently only images are supported.

The settings for some of the UK providers are below and some more for providers in other countries can be found in the official wiki here:

Thanks to JayMontano from MyNokiaBlog 😀