Intel Looking out for New Meego Partner Intel CEO says!

As Nokia announced its new strategy of choosing Windows Phone as its “Primary” smartphone platform. The open source awesomeness Meego is shattered into pieces. Thank God Intel is not dropping it. Intel showcased its new MedField processor which is a pretty decent competitor to the ARM chips. Intel CEO Paul Otellini in a meeting with analysts said “I wouldn’t have made the decision he made, I would probably have gone to Android if I were him, MeeGo would have been the best strategy but he concluded he couldn’t afford it.” He also added¬†that the Nokia`s decision was financially motivated rather than choosing something innovating.

Intel CEO¬†Paul Otellini said that Intel will continue working on development of Meego and also added that they are looking out for another Meego partner to replace Nokia. He says “The carriers still want a third ecosystem and the carriers want an open ecosystem, and that’s the thing that drives our motivation.”

What ya think about this ? Will Intel bring out a new phone from it own grounds ?