Introducing MoodAgent | A new way to explore your Music

The Future of Playlisting!

Match your music to your mood or change your mood with your music

As we all know, it can be time consuming to search the music entirely in your mobile phone to create a perfect playlist . Here Moodagent is a cool app to create instant playlist based on your Mood. Moodagent uses the Music science to generate the music based on your emotions.

Moodagent is controlled by five sliders – Sensual, Tender, Joy, Aggressive, Tempo – to help you indicate the kind of music you want to hear. Set the slider to mix or prick a song to start. Moreover it also allows you to share your Music as well as Mood to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Developer of Moodagent, Syntonetic’s Guest Written,

Those days of making the perfect playlists for any occasion and mood is over. Moodagent is here!

Moodagent is an automatic playlist engine that knows your music. To make a playlist all you have to do is set the mood sliders or pick a song and there you have a playlist.

We all know that music has the ability to affect our mood at any time. If you are feeling down – choose a song you know will cheer you up, if you are feeling happy – find a song to dance to, or if you’re angry – slide your way to a song and express your frustrations with the music.

Stay in touch with your friends by sharing your music and your mood on Facebook or Twitter.

We’re proud that Moodagent gets to be part of Nokia Beta Labs, and although Moodagent has been out for some time, we constantly focus on developing the app. We are working on doing the things we do better, as well as creating new features that makes the way we engage with music even more interactive and explorative.

Here is the cool video of Moodagent in Nokia N8

This innovative app is available in Nokia Betalabs and also in Nokia Ovi Store for

Symbian^3 and Symbian s60 v5.

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