Its Nokia’s Time To Drive against all Navigation Providers

Hi folks, today’s hot news by Nokia’s executive vice-president Anssi Vanjoki that “Nokia gives Free-GPS route in drive against other providers”. It puts Nokia in competition in service level against Google which sport a free navigation service for Android device and Apple who store dozens of apps, such as Tom Tom’s…..

Nokia may have spent $11.2 billion acquiring Navteeq in 2007. But today handset maker announced it’s making it GPS navigation features available for free to all users. Turn-by-turn navigation and traffic updates had respectively cost around $2 and $0.97 a day. But now the service will pre-loaded in selected Nokia’s smartphones. Those who already own device can download the app. “This will help Nokia to upgrade our smartphone sales” said Anssi Vanjoki, at the press event today in London.

Nokia is hoping to use its Ovi services suite, of which Maps is a part, to drive handset sales But it also see potential revenue in third-party services developed on top of Maps – APIs were also opened up for this today, and Maps already offers location features for Facebook, Lonely Planet, Time Out etc. There are no advertisements on Maps today, but  Anssi Vanjoki says this may be a future income generator. Aside from leveraging Ovi to make its phones more attractive, Nokia hopes to make $2.8 billion in direct services revenue by 2011.

The service is available on 10 smartphones as of today, and Nokia says it will extend this to more devices in the coming months, including its Maemo-based devices.At launch, the service will have turn-by-turn voice guidance for 74 countries in 46 languages, as well as traffic information for over 10 countries. There are detailed maps for over 180 countries. This turn-by-turn navigation can be set for car journeys.

Nokia report its results soon (next week)… Keep watching for updates………