Java Runtime for Symbian Beta updated

Nokia betalabs today released a update for Java Runtime For Symbian. Java Runtime (JRT) for Symbian is a mobile runtime for Java™ applications. It is used when running Java based applications on your mobile device.

From Nokia Betalabs blog:

JRT 2.1 Beta introduces the following key usability and performance improvements:

  • Improved installation user experience: The user needs to accept only a single confirmation dialog when installing a MIDlet.
  • Improved MIDlet start-up experience: The Java Runtime displays an instant start-up screen, providing users immediate feedback that the MIDlet is about to start.
  • Improved security user experience: The Java Runtime shows the user fewer security dialogs during runtime. For certified MIDlets, full permissions can be granted in one go.
  • The Java Runtime automatically detects whether a MIDlet needs the on-screen keypad (OSK). The OSK allows Canvas-based MIDlets that rely exclusively on key input to work in the touch UI. The OSK is shown only if a MIDlet does not implement touch event support.

JRT 2.1 Beta includes the following new developer APIs or API changes:

  • Nokia UI API updated to version 1.4:
    • New TextEditor API that allows MIDlets to access platform editors directly in Canvas
    • Screen saver prevention without affecting ambient light
    • Saving text to the system clipboard
    • AudioOutputControl extension for controlling which audio output device, for example the device loudspeaker or earpiece, is used to play back audio
  • TextBox presented as pop-up on top of the MIDlet UI
  • MIDlets can define a splash screen that is displayed on start-up
  • PlatformRequest extension that allows MIDlets to launch other MIDlets and native Symbian applications and pass arguments to them

JRT 2.1 Beta also includes a number of additional new features specific to the Symbian^3 platform. These features are mainly hardware-dependant and not available on S60 5th Edition devices.

Download it Here

Learn more about Java Runtime 2.1 Beta.