LoveMyNokia got new Design Needs your feedback

LoveMyNokia was having e-News theme for past months. And this theme was making problems like displaying the site entirely different and breaking up the posts in Google Chrome. So we planned for a new theme for which fits in every browser without damaging the site in anyways. So we got the pretty new theme from the designers of  Elegant Themes. This theme looks cool and clear than the darky older theme. Hope you enjoy the new theme and new look of the site. Letme know what you think of the new theme. Do let us know if anything you didnt like in we will try our best to sort it out.

  • Rohith

    hi dude…. this new theme is super cool !!!! i jus luv it…. :)ya even i had problem in viewing the website with the earlier theme e news…. but this one is asssummmm !!!! :) and jus c if it possible to optimise the fonts of this… coz at someplaces fonts go weird …. overall it is very good…. :)

  • Siraj Soft

    sure will optimize can you point where it have problem.

  • Carlton Lindow Jr

    i really like the new theme :) its looks as clear my site!