LoveMyNokia Wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2012 !! Some Titbits from 2011! Team Wish You all a Very Happy New Year. May The Year 2012 brings  Happiness,Success filled with Peace, Hope & Togetherness of your Family & Friends.


 The Past 2011 :


Nokia announced its new transition from so called burning ship aka Symbian platform to the Windows Phone 7 as their Primary Platform exactly at the my birthday Feb 2011 😛 What a gift to me! lol . Nokia successfully introduced two of its new Windows Phone based Smartphones such as Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 in Nokia World within 8 months of its announcement #WIN. After the shift development on Symbian became a bit slow and Nokia also moved the development of Symbian platform to Accenture.  Then the Nokia’s open source platform Meego announced in MWC 2010 bites the dust as Nokia withdraw its support in Intel partnership. Even then The first Meego aka Meego Harmattan device aka Nokia N9 finally sees its light in 2011 in a form of a sexy device Nokia has ever created in plastic. In 2011 two of Nokia’s own smartphone operating system was killed literally . The Qt platform received more support as it gets embedded into new Symbian Belle and Meego Harmattan. Here comes the new naming system again instead of confusing Naming system in 2010 Nokia says it will follow the naming system with just numbers. The 1GHz Symbian devices based on new naming systems such as Nokia 500,603,700 and 701 got released. Some of these new devices have NFC too. NFC becomes common pairing medium for new Nokia Smart-phones and Accessories.


What we can expect in 2012:


Lumia 900 for sure most rumours points to CES in January. Camera flagship in MWC since Nokia never introduced in 2011 because of its busy transition. Some more affordable Windows Phones and Windows 8 Tablet maybe. For the Next Billion Nokia might introduce a pure Linux based S40 Operating system codenamed as Meltemi with deep Qt integration.Once again Thanks for your enourmous support towards LoveMyNokia .

We wish you a Great New Year 2012 once again.

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