Lumia 800 – Social Network at your Fingertips!

Lumia 800

Lumia 800 is the new flagship Windows Phone from Nokia. Today we will take you through the social network capabilities which we loved using in this phone. As a Symbian Fan I used Nokia Social at the first but then I switched to Gravity app which is much better and it also have complete integration of Twitter, Facebook and Four-square under one application. When we got the Lumia 800 we are very much impressed by the Social Network capabilities and the fast way to share our media within seconds.


Lumia 800 Social Network Setup


When you start the Lumia 800 for the very first time it asks you to enter your live account to get started with the device. If you have one you can sign-in using that or you can also signup for a new account. Once you are done with it you are taken to the colourful metro tile UI. This Metro Tile UI features two specific tiles which keeps you connected to your friends. Those tiles are called

  • Me Tile
  • People Hub

The Lumia 800 Windows Phone by default supports social network accounts like

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

These accounts are well connected to the Windows Phone system and integrated with core apps like contacts,messaging etc.

Me Tile and People Hub :

Once you add the social network accounts in Settings. In the homscreen or tile view click the “Me” Tile to get started. This tile is the gateway to your one click status share, places check-in, integrated Facebook and Twitter notifications and What’s new tab with your social media tweets and posts. In the Lumia 800 you can share your status throughout all social network at once by clicking “post a message“. Type your message and in the next list box select the social network sites you need to share the status. Click post thats it your status gets shared in all the selected sites. Just with One click! So cool right ?.

People Hub :

This People Hub / Contacts app is very special app we love to use in the Lumia 800 Windows Phone. When you open it shows the recent callers / friends you have interacted with. When you swipe left it brings you the complete collection of your contacts from Facebook,Windows Live,Twitter,LinkedIn and other mail accounts. The contacts gets merged if the names and details are same. It makes it easier to contact your friend in all possible ways. The best part is you can filter contacts using the settings which is just two taps away. When you need to jump to a contact quickly you can use the search button or press ‘a’ at the top of contact list which shows a complete alphabet list of contacts which helps quick browsing of contacts.

There is a also What’s New tab tab which consists of your friends status updates from Facebook and tweets from twitter

Social Network Intergration in Gallery :

In the Pictures Tiles you can find the complete collection of your pictures from Camera and the albums you have uploaded in Facebook too. Yes you heard it right. It syncs all your Facebook album without any hazzle or settings. It is also very easy to share your pictures to Facebook,Twitter without installing any third party applications all thing is in there by default. Press the … menu icon click Share and you can share the image to Facebook,Email or use any other third party applications to share such as Flickr,Mehdoh.. etc . If you need to share to twitter only click share to twitter and input your status and click post. The picture will be uploaded to your skydrive storage and shared to twitter. In the gallery also you can add your friends so that you can see their Facebook albums right from the gallery itself. There is also a What’s New tab in gallery which just shows the images shared by you friends in Twitter and Facebook.

Have a look at the video below to see How to share status and pictures from Lumia 800.

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  • Hardik Sardana

    I simply love the people hub, the sheer effortlessness of the app makes you wanna *hi5* everyone around you and on your contact list. Love this phone 

  • Ronak Agarwal

    Firstly *Hi5* .. i agree the people hub is amazing and the fact that how easily i can move from one social account to another is brilliant. Have you tried the Xbox Feature? 

  • Hardik Sardana

    Dude i did , it lets create an avatar which is totally awesome. Although i only have played NFS on it, it blew my mind away. Try it

  • Berrye

    I don’t use any social media ans inadvertently added a “checked in” to my Me tile. How do I delete it?

  • Anil

    In face book how can we see the friend’s friend list.