Maemo5 UI for Symbian created with gDesk

Hope you all like the cool interface in Nokia N900. A gDesk designer have put lotta effort to design the same Maemo interface for Symbian using the gDesk application. This applications runs as a substitute menu in which you can choose different styles of designs etc. N900 Maemo design is same as on N900 with some widgets as the author of the design said.


Things you Need:

1. Download and Install Gdesk Here

2.Download Maemo 5 Design .gdd file Here

3.Transfer the gdd file to mmc

4.Install all contest in step 1.

5. Then initialize gdesk and select Maemo5.

6.Install the widget Here for play pause etc

Note: gDesk may use some battery resource.

Do letus know how it work..

  • de3pkeeper

    It looks quite nice on X6, but is there a special way to actually run the design file, because it looks as if it is opened in edit mode. I used the Load Design option from the main menu.

  • Mmsreedhar

    i am unable to launch the installed GDD files
    what to install first and how to select Maemo5 file
    when i launch gDesk it was opened in a light blue screen and nothing is seen on the screen

    by the way i have did it on my CFW flashed 5800

  • rolay

    i have 5800 and its a crap on it. :)

  • Balirrebel

    heeyy pls tell how to install gdesk when i open says certificate errorr plsss tell ho to istall