Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer


This is a Guest Post by Jackson.

It wasn’t many years ago that people primarily used land based communication as their primary source of getting in touch. In the span of a very short period of time, people have begun to unshackle themselves from landlines and have begun to switch to mobile devices as their primary mode of communication. This does, however, present people with a particular drawback given the state of current battery technology. A landline doesn’t have a battery and doesn’t die, but a cell phone has the current restriction of having to use a battery for its primary power source. Though there are currently many innovations being developed, there are many things that people can do to extend the life of their cell phone batteries.

Powering Down:

This is perhaps an obvious statement, but it’s one approach that few users take. Turning your phone off at night or when you know that you won’t be using your phone is the best way to extend your battery’s life and prolong the time when you’ll have to purchase a new one. Though battery technology has improved greatly, they still work on the same basic principals and constantly having your device powered on will wear your battery down and reduce the time it can function away from a power source. Some phones already have an automatic power save feature but it takes almost a half an hour for this feature to kick in, at which point a lot of battery life has already been used. Power down if you want to keep your battery going.

To Backlight Or Not To Backlight:

This simple but amazing feature has increased the usability of our mobile devices and it comes standard on many phones today. The backlight is what makes it far easier to read content from your phone in poor or low level light conditions. It’s this same feature, however, that uses a massive portion of battery power. Many people leave this feature on all the time, even during the day. If you can get by without it, then you should turn the backlight off at times when you don’t think you’ll need it. If you want to keep the feature, you can even short the amount of time that the backlight remains on. This will also help. This will enhance the life of your battery and shorten the amount of time you have to spend plugged in.

Station To Station:

Many people, when receiving poor service, are constantly searching for a signal. When you’re in an area with poor service, you phone will automatically search for a better connection and, you might not know it, but this eats up a lot of battery power. For example, if you’re traveling, your phone will continually do a signal search when there isn’t one. You quickly find thereafter that your phone is dead. This is why. Turn your phone off during these periods and you find that you won’t have to charge as much.

Many of the other tips are very simple such as keeping calls short and limiting digital usage. This is purely optional, but the three tips above are ones that help extend your battery life when you’re not using it. Also, letting your phone completely die before recharging it will also extend its life. Otherwise, you might find that your charge will last less and less after a while.


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