@MobileFun DeskGenie Universal Stand and Universal Charger Review


Good friends at MobileFun have sent us a Desk Genie intelligent Deskstand which can be used as Nokia N8 accessories.

DeskGenie is a slanding L shaped stand with two female usb ports on one side and card reader ports on the other side. The front side of the DeskGenie consists of a slanding rubber pad made of special material with a blue LED below the pad indicating the deskgenie is ready for use and on the back side it consists of universal charger port for charging.

Using the Desk Genie stand:


  • Can be used as DeskStand with a cool aerodynamics


  • Can be used as a universal charger which comes with almost every smartphone charger pins which can be plugged into the DeskGenie


  • Can be used a card reader which can read almost every card types


  • Can be used as a USB Hub which can connect your gadgets in a single unit.



DeskGenie is one great product for all gadget lovers. The deskgenie is a all in one gadget which handles many functions in a single device as we stated above. In our experience the rubber pad on the desk genie firmly holds any gadget or mobile device firmly in the special rubber sticky pad. The rubber is a specially formulated one which dont leave any residue in your mobile. The card reader with the dek genie works handy. The other two usb ports serves as USB charger or for your flash drives.


The ports comes with desk genie fulfills all your gadget charger port needs. Almost every charger port is there in deskgenie package. The Rubber pad when feels less sticky it can be rinsed with hot water to get back its stickyness.DSC_0095

When plugged in the LED in the stand glows in blue indicating that the deskgenie is ready for action. You can recharge any smartphones by connecting the provided charger ports and connecting cable. This works great.


This is one of the most used accessory in my desk.

[box type=”info”] You can get this accessory at MobileFun for £14.99 with 25% off [/box]