MoodAgent Update brings Faster Syncing

Moodagent uses the Music science to generate the music based on your emotions.

Moodagent is controlled by five sliders – Sensual, Tender, Joy, Aggressive, Tempo – to help you indicate the kind of music you want to hear. Set the slider to mix or prick a song to start. Moreover it also allows you to share your Music as well as Mood to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

MoodAgent from Syntonetic just got a update and the new update brings more awesomeness such as:

  • Syncing
  • The Smart Installer version has been updated which should eliminate the installation errors
  • The Portuguese text is fixed.

From Camilla from Syntonetic :

At the moment we are working on a better share function, so please tell us if you are unable to share your playlists on Facebook and Twitter.

Please report your bugs to Nokia Betalabs and keep the development going on! :)

If you still haven’t tried Moodagent go download it. If you have – please go check v2.0.13. out. Report the bugs HERE.