My OVI Maps Experience

It was the early 2008, when i got the Nokia N95 i heard it had a GPS receiver and it show our position and guide us. I was not believing the GPS that much. I thought it is a smart move by Nokia to sell their mobile a step ahead of other companies. Then i started to begin experiments with it.

I waited some time to get a GPS lock spend a lotta money on gprs plan to download maps online. That was fun. I showed my friends my phone can find which place we are in. My friends were drooling when i told them we can find our way with the mobile. The GPS and Maps got excited when i heard we can find routes and favourite places in my city. I used it wisely on a holiday visit to Chennai aka Madras. The maps and gps thing works great happy to know that i can travel anywhere in that big city. It helps me to find shopping malls and theatres. Then Maploader came into act no need gprs  for just roaming with maps thats fun even when there is no network coverage .

Then the fun begins starts with a big touch screen Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic. I love the GPS in it. I feel its faster in locking that N95. I had some great time with the GPS. Then i got a chance to use it when i gone tour to a hill station called Ooty. The GPS was freaking awesome there. I used  favorite places on PC and then synchronise them with mobile.

Then the announcement of free OVI came into play. Driving with OVI maps was a sheer pleasure it shows you the correct speed and distance you need to go to reach your destination. I was amazed by the coverage of OVI it have the roads of a little village aroud my town too. The maploader+ Free OVI maps made my every journey a success. I love to “Get Lost Again” 😀 . I really needed to put some videos but cant because every journey with OVI maps was wonderfull for me.

I would like to say OVIMaps is a collection of every goodies you need in a GPS device. Well built and hey its free!!!

  • Hussain786_md

    Hey buddy, I got a problem, can you help me, see i got n95 8gb but when i am trying to download maps from ovi store it says “sorry this item is not available for n95 8gb, where else can i download the ovi maps for my N95 8gb.
    Please help me,