MyMoves app brings system-wide gestures for #N950

Introducing MyMoves app which brings system-wide gestures for Meego Harmattan. MyMoves app is desgined and coded by Topi Santakivi. This app was written in written in QML/C++. The basic idea of the app is to  create a gesture and use it to open the apps using the gesture.

MyMoves App UI :

The MyMoves app UI consists of three buttons called as New Move, Start observing gestures and Stop observing. The NewMove button is used to bring a canvas in which you can draw the custom gesture. The start observing is to record the gesture. Stop observing is used to record the drawn gesture.

As the app is in early development stage you need to manually add the app you need to invoke into the gesture data. The app needs superuser permission to edit the gesture file.

Once the gesture is recorded you can find the recorded gesture in mymoves[number] under /home/user/MyDocs/moves. Each gesture file has the shell command and the gesture data. The gesture file looks like

Add your command here
-128 430
-105 436
-95 441
-76 447
-57 455
-38 460
-21 466
-2 474
14 479

Now we can just edit the file, and add the command we want to run on that specific gesture, let’s say e.g. the calendar, so we replace

Add your command here


/usr/bin/invoker –no-wait –type=m /usr/bin/organiser -showWindow 1 &

Source code:
Harmattan debs:

Installation only via command line. SSH to your phone, copy the .debs under /home/user/MyDocs,
and run dpkg -i mymoveserver_0_0_1_armel.deb mymoves_0_0_1_armel.deb.

Plans for the future:

– Making the server more robust
– Decoupling the server from the configuration UI so that it starts from the boot
– A usable UI for configuring everything (such as dialogs for selecting an application to run on a gesture etc)
– anything else that pops into my mind

Via Sandst1