MyPhone iPhone UI for Your Nokia A Full Review

MyPhone is a very neat and awesome designed iPhone UI emulator for Symbian Touch Screen Devices[S60v5] and Blackberry devices by . We got a chance to trial the awesome MyPhone. It runs on Adobe Flash Lite. The MyPhone takes full advantage of a Phone UI from unlock screen to the default apps in phone. The MyPhone application have been recently upgraded to V2.50 which brings some cool features to the applications.

Change log in V2.50:

  • Add calendar list function, a clear way to read your schedule\
  • Add translate function
  • Add Archery game, a game for you to kill the time.

What is MyPhone ?

MyPhone is powered by Symbian S60 and Flash Lite. It turns Symbian S60  phone into MyPhone UI. You can have a smart phone enhanced with TWO user interfaces. The best launcher ever in the market. Works with both Touch screen and non-touch screen versions.

What are the advantages of it Over the common ui?

It replaces boring long scrolling of menus with intuative MyPhone UI which helps you to get to your apps with few slides.

The MyPhone supports app insert too so you can add your favourite apps. There is a lot of room so no need to worry about the space.

The MyPhone also have a inbuilt sms reader which threads your sms replies thats so cool. SMS and Call notifier which makes you forget about the old UI. The default phone apps are auto linked to the applications. So no need to get back to boring menu 😛 .And you change the icons in MyPhone UI when you hold on a icon for a while it starts to dance and you can swap the place of icons. MyPhone UI supports arrangement of icons in 3*5 and 4*5 .

It have a inbuilt Mysettings app for changing MyPhone settings. From which you can change lockscreen wallpaper, add autolock time setting, add type of list mode 3*5 or 4*5, add third party apps, change sms interface to Myphone or default message app and set default option.

MyPhone eXtra added apps:

Myphone also have some nice cool games and appls like rss reader, translate app, myphone sms viewer, weather app and calendar list.

1.RSS Reader:

2.Memo Deduction Game

The famous mini games, Memo Deduction  are now embedded in MyPhone.

3.Weather Forecast app:

Myphone also have a inbuilt weather forecast app which gets you latest weather updates from around the world.

4.Translate app:

MyPhone have a very handy translate app which lets you translate text from one language to another language. It also support many languages.

5.MMMOOO Archery game:

A very cool archery game when you are bored.

6.Calendar List app:

This app helps you to keep note of your Calendar lists

According to our tests MyPhone does not eat that much RAM and Battery we would like to recommend to geeks who wanna have iPhone UI in their S60 Devices. Thanks to for letting us to test their app.

You can buy the app Here

Auto-start needs special certificate. To enable auto-start, you should email to to apply. They will make it for you in 4 working days

  • dan

    how do you change the extra icons that are just red blue pink and purple to propper pictures, please help me. thanks :)