N9 UK release expected later this year


This is a Guest Post by Emma from UK.

There has been a lot of speculation involving the Nokia N9 in recent weeks. Some have said it won’t be coming to the UK, some have said it most definitely will. Well, according to Expansys.com, the latter is most definitely the case, with the handset due out in the very near future.

The first and last of Nokia’s phones to sport the MeeGo 1.2 OS will not be held by any carriers, so it will be available as the handset only. This is great news for customers looking for SIM only deals because they can get a top of the range mobile without being tied down to a contract. The handset is expected to cost at least a few hundred pounds, but there has been no official confirmation of its exact price tag yet.

A 1GHz processor will power the innovative swipe touch-screen and the 8MP camera. What’s more, this camera features a Carl Zeiss autofocus sensor from the established German manufacturer of optical lenses, giving it the edge over the competition.

The most innovative thing about the N9 is the swipe function on the touch screen. No matter what screen you are on, which or how many applications you are running, a swipe from the outer edge of the curved screen will take you straight to the home page, so there’s no need for any buttons on the front of this device.

The scratch-resistant AMOLED screen measures 3.9 inches and will display anything and everything you want in full and vibrant colour. In terms of internal memory, the N9 blows the iPhone out of the water with the potential to go up 64GB. It beats Apple’s world-beater when it comes to weight, too, weighing in at only 135g.

There is no date confirmed for the release of the N9, but it is expected to hit the shelves later this year. Nokia will then abandon Symbian and officially move onto their next venture: the Windows Phone. Until then, customers can enjoy the N9 in all its glory, while Nokia will have proved that it really can hack it in the world of smartphones.

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