#N97MiniTrunk Challenge 3 Music On the GO!!

As we told you before we are in the #N97MiniTrunk Challenge conducted by awesome friends over at WOMWorld Nokia. Here we present you the third challenge. In this challenge me and trunk buddy tried to “Hear music on the GO” using trunk audio gadgets. In this we created a video by using the

Sony Cassette Player

Compact CD player with FM :D

These two devices brings some music but with a defined storage. Cassette cant hold more songs as well as CD player too. And Cassette player is powered by Four AA batteries and also the CD player is powered by Six C class batteries.

Have a Look at the video.

N97Mini is way better than those two with 8gb memory and additional memory card support we can have tons of songs in it, and also it makes music on the go fun. We missed FM transmitter in mini very much :( .

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