#N97MiniTrunk Challenge Five Share your Album

As we told you before we are in the #N97MiniTrunk Challenge conducted by awesome friends over at WOMWorld Nokia. We are competing against teams from around the world to Win a N97 Mini.

Team 1: Vaibhav – The Symbian Blog;
Team 2: Andrew – OpenAttitude.com
Team 3: Lee – Random Thoughts of a Techie;
Team 4: bongkersz – The Flaccid Mind;
Team 5: Devin – The Nokia Guide;
Team 6: Aditya – Aditya Singhvi’s Phones;
Team 7: Rita – The Symbian Guru;
Team 8: CJ – Gadgetized;
Team 9: Myself and Irfan from LoveMyNokia.

Here we present you the fifth challenge in #N97MiniTrunk Series. Here we are asked to demonstrate the photo sharing options in modern world and in early days of film photography.

Have a look at the video